What Do You Have On Pizza?

What the hippopotamus do you have on pizza? Do you eat pizza? My buddies asked me this question a while back when we were chillin’: the answer is rhinoceros yeah!

Pizza’s are delicious but they’re also fattening and make folks feel guilty after – why can’t there be pizzas that taste epic and are super epic for you too?

We all want to be happy and healthy, but we all want pizza too… In this post I’m gonna share with YOU, yeah YOU – my dear reader – how to pizza like a plantastic pro!

There are many different ways to make pizza – tomato sauce, pesto, hummus, chocolate spread etc.

And many different toppings – plant-based cheeses and meats, pineapple, avocados, nuts, chilli flakes, spinach, mushrooms, peppers and the list just goes on!

If you prefer prepared pizzas then awesome news: Tofurky has got you covered with some scrumptious gluten-free pizzas!

And Violife with the dairy-free cheeses:

Or if you’re like me and like easy, quick cookin’, then you’re also in luck thanks to the Happy Pear and Hot For Food!

If you decide to become a professional plantastic pizza chef then there are plenty of cookbooks out there, so get inspired!



Here’s some 30 more plant-based pizza recipes right here 🙂

Finally, to top it all off, here is the Vegan Pizza Home which has all the secret knowledge about pizza that vegans have kept from the rest of the world since the dark ages.


Pat And The Pizza

Just like a calzone, I’m gonna have to wrap this one up (pun definitely intended).

Would you try a pesto, hummus or chocolate pizza?

What classic food would you like me to write about next?

And what topic would you like me to do next?

Please let me know

Peacefully and Respectfully,
Iarlaith — The Sweet Spud!



2 thoughts on “What Do You Have On Pizza?

    1. I haven’t seen her around in Sligo, Joe, the girl holding the ‘pig destroyer’ pizza is probably from somewhere in the U.S.

      I got the image from a very interesting article on the star about a plant-based pizza with 5 kinds of fake meat that – legend has it – tastes just like real meat! In case you wanna check it out here’s the link.

      By the way, Joe, would you like a blog post in the future about incredible meat made from plants, like the ones in the star article or on the today show?

      Let men know, man 🙂
      Iarlaith – The Sweet Spud


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