Can I Look Swag Without Leather?

How does one look swag without leather? Leather is not the kindest material – but it looks so fantastically cool! Luckily there are many fabulous plant-based leather thingy-jiggies out there that look lovely with herbivores and omnivores alike!

From handbags to biker jackets there are some terrific alternatives to cowskin (and with the lightning advancements in science, could cowskin be one of them? We’ll look into it at the end of this post!) – here are 4  of the beastliest:

Doc martens vegan shoes.jpg

These are my Doc Martens school shoes – they’re strong and feisty, made outta something that doesn’t go ‘moo’ – extremely epic, right!? If you wanna check them out then HERE 🙂 is the link.

               1) Majestic Jackets

I’ve always thought leather jackets looked crazy cool – but they’re also quite crazy. They’re not doing much good for the planet, or the cows, dammit!

Cows are cool. Okay? They listen to J.Cole, ride black and yellow bmx bikes and wear leather jackets… Made from plants… Because that’s cool 😉

More bada$$ jackets for women here and for men right here!

2) Shockingly Snazzy Shoes


I think the ladies’ ones look cooler because they’re a bit more eccentric. Number 2 is very foxy too, though; I prefer shorter shoes because they’re very sleek. But ol’ Freddy’s got a lovely hazelnut-brown colour – which looks very friendly for some reason. Just does, mate.

Super Shoe Sites:

3) Wonderful Wallets & Stunning Sofas


I’d like to sleep on a sofa bed. It’s space-saving and means you can have a bed AND a sofa in your room which is incredible! This is very exciting for me because I am 14.

More excellent Sofas, Matt & Nat Wallets and a bonus: Hemp wallets!

4) Astounding Accessories

a purse, a watch, a belt and a hat.jpg

1. Purse 2. Watch 3. Belt 4. Hat

I got a new watch recently in {Sligo} town. I think it’s pretty sweet. It’s silver and gold with a deep-sea blue circle face. Circle face. You know what I mean right? The circular face? Yeah, THat Part.

Here are some smashing links: Matt & Nat Handbags, the Votch website,  VeganChic Belts and Hats: Women & Men & Deadpool


By the way PINEAPPLE LEATHER is a thing! Leather made from pineapples – My belt broke yesterday (t’was very cheap) so I may need a pineapple now – Pineapples are tasty!

Some plantastic clothing sites can be found below:

Also, to anyone who prefers the idea of wearing ‘real skin’ rather than some plants then you’re in luck; For we are living in the Future!

If you wish, check out an incredible Ted Talk about leather and meat without harming anyone at all – this tech could really change the world; or read a business insider article about it here.

What do you think of all of this plant leather? And what’s your opinion on the Ted talk?

By the way – I’ve gotten splendid ideas from some of my readers, including writing about topics like:

  • dementia (and does a plant-based diet help?)
  • The wondrous world of plant-based milk (coconut milk, hemp milk, etc.)
  • Answering the question is the plant-based diet affordable?
  • And putting up a few mouth-watering recipes

What ideas do you have? I am excited to hear some more and possibly write about these ideas in the future 🙂

Please let me know

Thanks for reading you beautiful person!!! Now peace out 😀

– The Sweet Spud

strawberries everywhere!.jpg



3 thoughts on “Can I Look Swag Without Leather?

  1. Another great post Iarlaith and very thought provoking. Look forward to seeing some of your recopies, especially for a pastry alternative


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