How do I survive school with plant-based lunches?

When the bell rings at 1:04 pm everyone in my all-boys, uniform school is free for a half hour.

Some go outside, some do their homework, some play football or basketball, some play chess and some wait till the next bell. Some bring their own lunches and others get it from the cafeteria.

Many people have asked me, though – what do I eat for my lunch as a plantastic schoolkid? And how can they eat more like this?

Today, I’m gonna stick some sentences together that will tell you about my lunch experience and how you can do it too – and get 10% sexier and happier!

I love to eat my lunch and I adore hot pots!

hot pot.jpg

Why? They’re strong – made of metal; they keep the food warm; and it’s simpler to eat healthy lunches with them because they’re designed for quality meals!

My mum is the one who did the hardcore research on finding these hot pots. You don’t need a hot pot to have a healthy, scrumptious lunch but it has made things much easier for me.

So without further ado here’s what I eat:

– Spicy chickpea noodle stew

– Pasta with a homemade sauce and some mince soya protein chunks with some veg

– Mexican rice & black beans with a savoury sauce

– Or some more Asian and Mexican stuff – because those guys and gals know how to make fantastic food!

Here’s a link to some more lunches you can try out and this is the link to the hot pots I use if you’re interested.

I also have small snacks like carrot sticks, nuts and choco energy balls. Energy balls are super easy and quick if you have a blender – my mum takes about 2-5 minutes making them and they’re magical! My friends like picking at the cashews and almonds because they’re tasty, baby!

I would recommend having carrot sticks or apples after your lunch because these foods can make your spicy breath smell much better – top it off with fresh water and you’ll be as fly as Will Smith!

Sometimes my mum gives us last night’s amazing dinner and sometimes she cooks it up in the morning. Either way it is going to take a bit longer than slapping a nutella sandwich together but both her and I think it’s worth it – me because I love the taste and my mum because she loves that I’m eating nutritious food.

One of the brilliant bros in my class who I sometimes play chess with and debate things with also likes the smell of my lunches. So thanks mum! And thanks R!

What memories do you have of lunch at school? What do you think of hotpots and carrot sticks? What topics do you have in mind for a future post? – And most importantly – What can I improve on in blogging? I’m new at this and really want to hear your honest thoughts.

By the way, I got this blog topic from a few of you lot! So all ideas are appreciated 🙂

Respectfully and Peacefully,

– The Sweet Spud

strawberries hands.jpg


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