13 accidentally plantastic junk foods – Really?



Do you like junk food? Many people do. I personally, used to be hooked on the stuff – I’m more or less clean now but still get mucky every now and then whenever I feel like it.

Plenty of people do eat junk though, and as tasty as it may be, the guilt of eating some white chocolate bar with milk in it, can deflate the joy of the initial tastiness for animal appreciators – like the thorn that punctured the soccer ball.

If you’re gonna do something, then do it right – is some cliché phrase your granddad probably spat at you when you were five.

So by the time you finish reading this sentence, I will have compiled a list of 13 accidentally, awesomely plant-based junk foods including popular players like Oreos – Really? Yes, really.

(The ingredients of this junk can be changed by their companies so please check what’s in them to be safe and sure)

  1. Oreos


2. Doritos & Pringle Original

crisps doritos + pringles.jpg

3. Strawberry Pop Tarts 



4. Kool aid 


5. Red Bull 

red bull.jpg

6. Sour Patch Kids


7. Special k red berries cereal


8. Ritz crackers

ritz crackers.jpeg

9. Big league chew

big league chew.jpeg

10. Hershey’s Chocolate syrup & Nesquik chocolate syrup 


11. Swedish fish

12. Pillsbury crescent rolls


13. Heinz Tomato Ketchup


That’s all from me folks! But if you want to go ahead and look at some more, then feel free to check out these awe-inspiring articles from iHeart, the Huffington Post and as an excellent extra, here’s a blog post from the Vegan Society just to show the prodigious possibilities out there.

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By the way, I was having a conversation with my heart the other day, and Jackson (that’s my heart’s name) hollered out loud at me and asked “Hey, Iarlaith my pal, do you want to write about more things you’re interested in and passionate about?”.

To which I replied,”Well Jackson, the plant-based lifestyle does fill me up with a certain amount of passion, but I don’t feel that that’s all I am. I don’t feel that that’s all I am passionate about or interested in.

What will I write about? I’m not 100% sure. But what I do know is that the sweet baker may enjoy making some red velvet cupcakes, but they also may enjoy cooking up a fresh batch of chocolate-chip cookies too.

And this baker wants to bake up a fresh batch of blooming blogs covering various terrific topics that are delightful to write about, beyond the wondrous world of the plantastic lifestyle.

The plant-based way of life may make me about 10% happier –  but there are other things that fill me with wonder, joy, fear, interest, sadness, confusion, passion and a whole disco full of emotions that I’d love to tap some words about.”

To which Jackson replied, “Dude, did you really have to blab on so much about that? Jesus Christ on the cross, you dragged that on like a dead, bleeding cat being lazily pulled off the road by some shabby man in an orange high-vis jacket!” There was a pause. “But I get what you mean, Iarlaith, I get it.”

– Iarlaith, The Sweet Spud

garlic bulbs.jpg




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