Feeling Smart – Why Do I Love Podcasts?

Is this gonna be a blog post about a teen kid telling me why I should be listening to podcasts?

… Maybe

This one’s gonna be more focused on me (as always) and why I listen to podcasts and why you should try it out if you feel like it.

I love life when I’m feeling smart.

I do, I love that feeling of knowing something after learning – it makes me feel sharper and more secure with life.

While music is lovely to listen to (I’m listening to ‘Stone Free’ by Jimi H. right now!) sometimes it’s good to stimulate the brain a bit further than rolling with the rocks.

So aujourd’hui, les enfants, I’m going to write about the awesomeness of podcasts and how they can make the strings of your guitar more in tune just like Rory Gallagher’s.

Why do I listen to podcasts? 

Podcasts help me learn. They help me grow as a person and most of all, they help me make breakfast!

Dog damn, tidying my room too – tell ’em Mr.T

Mr.T shouts with the energy of a red-gloved boxing tiger: “Educating yourself with podcasts is fun, fool!

I feel spiced up, more interested in the world and I feel more interesting as Iarlaith the human. Plus it’s free! (For me at least)

How do I listen to them? 

I listen to podcasts on the purple podcast app on my iPad. Word on the street is that some people listen to them on iTunes and Stitcher as well.

But how do I really listen to those spectac podcasts?

I adore listening to them while making and munching my morning meal – breakfast. It’s like the reward I get for completing my hardcore morning routine, podcasts and food.

These golden ear-nuggets also helped me when I was getting started on minimalizing my room and drawing in my African Masks colouring book baby!

What podcasts do I love?

What even is love, dude?


I still have many to discover and I have many to mention. However some of my six favourites at the present moment are the fantastic following:

  • Ted Radio Hour

I love this podcast because it dives deep into fascinating ideas based on TED talks given by great speakers. It is about thinking, creating, happiness, ideas and so much more. I believe, this was my first podcast that I listened to and I still do to this day. – awesome episode: Simply Happy

  • Waking Up with Sam Harris

This guy is incredible. It’s an amazing podcast. It goes into important and controversial  topics such as the human mind, society, current events and more. Sometimes it can be a bit heavy on the head, but it’s good to get the old brain buzzing. This podcast is so profound – love it. Sam Harris is super. – awesome episode: Friend & Foe 

  • The Meditation Podcast

Some extraordinary experiences have come from me meditating to the guided meditations on this podcast. Amazing. Meditation is amazing and this podcast helps me learn more techniques and styles of meditating.  This is the type of thing that makes me 10% happier. – awesome episode: Positive Thoughts

  • The Tim Ferris show

Yes. Tim Ferris is brilliant. This podcast deconstructs world-class performers from epic areas (comedy, chess, investing, sports, etc.). This podcast is great for personal growth and so much more. – awesome episode: #222 Jerrod Carmicheal – Uber-Productivity and Dangerous Comedy

  • Say Why To Drugs

Have you ever wondered about drugs? I have. Say Why To Drugs digs into the science behind cannabis, cocaine, heroin and drugs I’ve never even heard of like khat from a neutral perspective. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna be smoking crack anytime soon for the next three weeks.  – awesome episode: Cocaine

  • Stuff You Should Know

How do dictators work? How do flea circuses work? What about porta-potties? Josh and Chuck are two jolly cats that explore interesting things you should know from action figures to living underground in Beijing. – awesome episode: Should Advertising to Kids Be Banned?


Now fly, my little butterfly!

Are you ready to try a podcast now? #trypod

Find one you adore.

Thank you for reading especially if you made it this far XD

Peacefully and Respectfully

– Iarlaith, The Sweet Spud





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