Avengers Or J.L. – Who Do You Prefer?

This is a severely dangerous topic that could traumatically trigger trillions of geeky geeks all over the galaxy – including you!

Are you ready? This is where I will expose my true colours: Do I prefer Marvel’s Avengers or DC’s Justice League? 

kapow mdc.png

I used to prefer the Justice League almost purely because I was a hardcore DC dude and also because the Justice League is blazing bright with awesomeness.

But are they more awesome than the Avengers?

I used to be convinced the Avengers were not great mostly because I was a hardcore DC dude and did not love Marvel.

Many superhero movies with guys named ‘Chris‘ in them later I am a marvellously changed man. Both DC and Marvel are dazzlingly groovy – from Wolverine to Wonder Woman they have both created some superb stories and characters.

The Avengers are amazing because they are different.

In the Justice League everyone’s about 6 foot 2″ and they all might as well be from the same time and place – Superman was raised in Kansas and Wonder Woman rolled smoothly up to the present from WW2 as if no years had gone by.

In the Justice League you have got:

jl mdc.jpg

Justice League

  • Batman Batman is a mystery wrapped in a riddle cloaked in an enigma and blanketed in a brain teaser that will not show his emotions at any cost. The Long Halloween is a fantastic graphic novel by the way. 
  • Wonder Woman probably my favourite princess. A warrior from an amazonian island that fights alongside the superfriends!
  • Superman is very relatable because he is the last of his alien kind so he can get the last of his alien kind blues every now and then.
  • Green Lantern – I like GL because he’s cocky. His power is his imagination; he has a sweet green ring that he uses to guard the galaxy that can project things such as shields and massive hammers from his mind like a physical hologram.
  • Aquaman – unbelievably underrated. Aquaman is the butt of many jokes but he is a tank: King of Atlantis, baby! The Trench is a remarkable read. 
  • The Flash I adore his flashy red costume but does Superman not already have this power? Anyway I also love him for his cocky attitude – I hear GL and him are besties.
  • Cyborg Teen Titans Go version is my favourite; where he’s playful and fun. I cannot help feel that he is just some extra character DC invented in 1980 rather than one of the originals. Is he just a mashup of Ironman and Terminator? Or a true legend, the type of hero Stan Lee would have made in 1963?


In the Justice League Flash and Green Lantern are the only ones with fun and playful personalities but the rest of the squad are not as joyful and splendid.

Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg are all like pieces of Jay-Z’s Rolex Clock that will not tick tock together. They have very similar personalities but don’t often play and have fun with each other.

I really love the way Green Lantern and Flash spark up the team with their merry ways like Ironman and each member of the Avengers do to some degree.

In the Avengers you’ve got:

Avengers mdc.jpg


  • Hulk – a big, bright green monster that’s taller than Michael Jordan. He makes brutish noises but deep down he is Bruce Banner, who struggles emotionally because he never asked to turn into a steroid abusing bodybuilder on St.Patrick’s day but he has to live with it. Many of us have things that we can’t change that we have to deal with in our journeys. 
  • Iron Man  – his suit makes him stand out. He doesn’t use blue spandex, he goes for the red and gold armour of a knight from the year 3030. He is an exceptional genius and he has wittiness and swag oozing from his pores. Iron Man is one cool cat.
  • Thor has a shakespearean accent. He is foreign; from a magical world called Asgard of which he is god (based off a Norse god). Thor uses his hammer to fly, and let me repeat this – he is a friggin’ god! 
  • Captain America is the old man of the group. He fought in World War 2 against the nasty nazis until he got frozen in some ice and yada yada he looks the same age but he feels lost. Almost everyone he loved is now dead. He finds it hard to fit in into this 21st century world, so do many of us.
  • Black Widow and Hawkeye. They’re swell enough but they’re not gods or rich playboys or anything. I still like having them around though because they’re the powerless humans just like me. 

Another interesting thing about the avengers is that none of them can fly. Iron Man can only fly with his suit and Thor needs his hammer to skedaddle up with the planes going to Boston because without it he’s grounded.

In the Justice league, Green Lantern can only fly if he’s wearing his ring, but come on… Ring’s slip on and off, just ask my uncle Charlie – but million dollar suits of iron take at least a few more seconds to put on I would imagine. 

 As a conclusion I prefer the Avengers because they’re different, they’re funny, they show they’re colours and they know how to do the mess around together like Ray Charles does with his piano, ‘pete‘.

Who do I think would win in a fight? 

The fight would be ferociously intense. Plasters and pain killers would surely be needed.

I think both teams are tremendously powerful. I think the Avengers are cooler in many ways and much more colourful – but the League of Justice is so damn mighty!

Who would win? I think the Justice League would win.

I would put my ten bucks on the Justice League coming out on top because everyone on their team is exceptionally powerful – even Batman could outwit everyone on both teams nine out of ten times with the exception of Robert Downey Jr. – Ironman. 

The Avengers are like the charismatic 70’s rock band that strut on the stage all bright, confident and fun.

The JL are more like the darker death metal band that trudge to the dreary spotlight to shout about how life is not all leprechauns and pots of gold. 

The death metal band may not be as fabulous but in this case they could kick the balloons out of the charismatic rock band with their heavy engineer boots while wearing dry denim jackets with the guns ‘n’ roses album cover ‘Appetite For Destruction’ (it’s actually a very good album) printed on the backs of them. Easy Peasy. 

The Avengers are magnificently mighty. 

They have a genius, a god and a giant on their side of the soccer pitch which would make it at least slightly easier to score a couple more goals. Would they win? 

Do you actually think that the superfriends would realistically stand a chance against Marvel’s amazing Avengers? Yes.

If this is soccer, than they’re both brilliant teams. However, the JL have a genius of their own, they have a supreme alien being, a flashing speedster, a blonde king of the sea, a wonder woman warrior, a cyborg called ‘cyborg’ and a green-ringed guardian who defends the galaxy.

Can the Avengers beat that?

Who is my favourite character in each team and why?

What does the word favourite even mean, dude?

I would go for Ironman and Batman.

ironman mdc.jpg

Ironman because he (or is it Rob D.?) is charismatic, funny, smart, so damn cool and a great leader. 

His suit is badass – the rich red and glorious gold look phenomenal up in the clouds of New York (where every single other Marvel hero is set for some reason – why not have one in East London or South Tokyo every now and then?)

Batman is boss because he is brainy, brawny, bold and more mysterious than Benedict’s Sherlock. Gotham city is home to a full Citi Field stadium of interesting villains and vigilantes that all stem from the character of Batman being born back in 1939.

Batman has millions, probably billions, of magical movies and comics that have struck a chord deep inside of me that will keep humming until the guitar that is I, stops playing.

Do you agree with my divine opinions?

Avengers or the Justice League: who do you prefer and why?

Anyway please subscribe 😉 and have a sparklingly delightful day, my dear! 

Peacefully and Respectfully,

– Iarlaith, The Sweet Spud

water peppers red mdc.jpg

Watery Red Peppers


4 thoughts on “Avengers Or J.L. – Who Do You Prefer?

  1. Avengers, hands down. For all the reasons you mention and the dry humour and interaction between wildly different personalities. Fun was just something DC never mastered, And after “Dawn of Justice” I don’t think I could stomach another Superman or Batman film ever again. That leaves a huge weight on the not inconsiderable shoulders of Wonder Woman!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting, Rowanberry 😉 – I’m not so pumped about the next few DC movies either. Which reminds me of a very interesting video Nerdwriter made about why the Dawn of Justice flopped, I really love that guy’s way of thinking! (here’s the link if you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38Cy_Qlh7VM)
      In short, Zack Snyder is very skilled at making things look legendary but he is just too obsessed with ‘moments’, trying to make everything so dramatic all the time. But who knows, things could whizz around and take us by surprise.

      – Iarlaith


  2. I prefer the avengers as it is very diverse in amount of heroes and their powers. HOWEVER the marvel movie franchise has gone too far and made the ‘New Avengers’ way to big and complicated. At this rate there will be ‘X-Avengers’ by 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Logan wouldn’t play along though – he’d just smoke a stolen cuban cigar, rebelliously stroll of into the fading sunset and fight some barflies that shot a bear with a bow and arrow in some Canadian woods or something


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