Fresh French Rap From A Friend

Les hommes et les dames, today we will be discussing the definition of sexy music – Fresh French Rap, baby!!!

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You may not know this about me, but I used to live in a fantastic French-speaking area and I spoke French regularly, not truly fluent but at that level I was ballin’ like Jordan.

However, now that I live in the spectacular town of Sligo on the bestside (westside) of Ireland, my French is beginning to fade away because I have not been using it regularly –

and not the cool type of haircut fade that lots of my friends have, nah nah nah…

This is the type of fade where what you have vanishes slowly like the light blue Jedi ghost of Obi Wan after he gives confusing but what turns out to be satisfactory instructions to a physically damaged Luke Skywalker.

How can someone who immediately thinks of Star Wars upon hearing the word ‘fading’ even have friends?

Look, French is a sexy language that opens so many delightful doors. Ladies love it, guys are impressed and it makes me feel (even more) smart, worldly, sexy and exotic.

Plus it is spoken by many fabulous people from a bunch of countries in Africa to Canada, Belgium and surprisingly a few dudes and dudettes in France –

If you, dear reader, have been looking to learn or enjoy a language then listen to the language’s music: whether that’s Swahili House or Korean Opera or French HipHop – get your goddam groove on!

That is how I am sharpening up my français and it feels amazing. This is what’s going on now, how I started bouncing to French rap from a fly friend.

Who is this fly friend of yours and how did this all begin?

My fly bilingual friend who I’ve known since I was eight years old is a superb fellah. He lives in England now but I met him a while ago in the G {Genève}.

His name’s Nathan (Nat-aN) and he told me about a great rapper ~ JP Manova ~ on Skype messages.

When I went to check him out on Spotify I noticed he had an album called 19H07+ so I decided to give the wheels a spin and check it out.

What gibberish letters and numbers of an album did I just read!?

Oh, and by the way, 19H07 is the time (7 past 7pm) for some reason and there’s a + on the end because it has bonus tracks.

Did you happen to jig at any moment, I.J.?

I started gettin’ jiggy wit it.


Putain de merde! I danced the duck out of 19H07+ – it felt incredible!


I dance like an epileptic banana off its head on cheap vodka from Scotland but I LOVED it.

I even took of my shirt and put a snapback hat on like I was in that magic mike movie or whatever it’s called: Imagine that heat!

I haven’t seen that movie, but I’ve seen the trailer and stuff… *Ahem*

I’ve seen Slum Dog Millionaire though, and there’s Indian-style Bollywood dancing at the end which is similar, maybe. Man, what a great film that was.

Anyway it was amazing! Energised me! Made me feel like the coolest cat in the city – so I got addicted to JP’s songs so much that I started searching for even more of this rap.

I’ve been listening to French HipHop nonstop, it’s even jamming on my speakers right frukkin now!

When else do I listen to these tasty tunes?

When I’m working out in my undies, when I’m cold showering in watermelon juice, when I’m writing in my (very manly) majestic journal, when I’m hanging with my superfriends

– Sweet strawberries, just a couple o’ weeks ago I blasted it on while gardening with my mum and my friend, Cill F. We were planting spinach, kale and shhhhh…

Masculine as FUDGE

I even listen to Fresh French Rap while baking blogs, again, right frukkin now!

What do I really listen to though?

Some of my 7 favourite foxy chansons right now (not in order) are:

  • Ma direction Sexion D’Assaut 
  • L.D.S.Vald
  • Coller au rythmeJorrdee
  • Dudelife Moïse The Dude
  • La barbe de Morgan Freeman – JP Manova
  • Tintin au Congo Lucio Bukowski  
  • Yessaï (Sur la carte)Caballero 



Are you ready to experience something new? Yes you are.

Are you feeling open-minded and adventurous? Sure you are.

Go listen to a French rap song, even if you don’t like rap… Or French people.

– Listen to this song: Longueur d’onde

Or another awesome thing to jump to: Ma direction



What ridiculous, banana moves will you pull out listening to all this rap français?

P.S. I have a public playlist on Spotify called ‘Le Rap’ with hours of F.F.R. so you are welcome – it’s by Fuh Koffman (no joke, it’s my account name)

Respectfully and Peacefully

– I.J. 😉





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