Hi! The Sweet Spud is a boombastic blog I have began to share thoughts and opinions – be they odd or overwhelmingly fabulous – to my weird and wonderful journey.

My name is Iarlaith (Ear-Lah, Lord of the West in Irish).

There are lots of big bees buzzing in my brain and I like letting them out on this blog. What the horse is this blog about though? 

Only time will tell. All I know is that if I’m gonna write a blog I’m gonna write about things that fill me up with passion. 


Where am I heading with it? I think eventually I’ll probably get grounded in some sweet shoes to write in but for now I don’t know where I’m going to step next – this is a blog about anything at the moment.

What about me? I love being with amazing people, expressing myself, trying coconut crazy shit and improving myself as a human being.

What about my past? My backstory is complicated and I do not fully understand it; I was once a naked 3 year old in hot Sudan, a childish 7 year old in graffiti-covered, inner-city Geneva and am now a 14 year old in the terrific town of Sligo.